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The Business Maturity & Growth Index

The Business Maturity & Growth Index test is a tool designed to measure your current business operations in an effort to reveal what areas of the company to improve so that you can grow and establish a strong business going forward.

Where will you find your company?

As a business grows, it reaches new levels of stability and sustainability with every passing day. As you progress and folow the path to success, it's important to know exactly at which level your business is currently at.

► Entrepreneur - You are motivated and driven, starting to feel the heat and getting overhelmed, all while laying the foundation for the next stages.

► Owner/Manager - Your business is running and now you have to deal with unforseen issues, like staffing and financials. This is also the stage where you need to learn to delegate and grow the business beyond yourself.

► Executive - Your business is thriving and now is the time to set up systems and automated processes so the business growth continues with strength.

► Visionary - Your employees are fully in charge of your business and all you need to do is plan growth strategies and sustainability.